SNN (ScrollingNetworkNews) ✿ ✿ Our Mel and Sydney returned to their nesting box with plenty of bonding occurring..but after 2.5 months of Sydney in the box from Dec 2013 to mid Feb 2014, the lack of prey gifts from Mel ( perhaps due to the severe and historic drought underway in California)and they have forgone the nesting process this year as many other raptors ✿ Compared to other owls of similar size, the Barn Owl has a much higher metabolic rate, requiring relatively more food. Pound for pound, Barn Owls consume more rodents – often regarded as pests by humans – than possibly any other creature. ✿ We remind viewers that sometimes owlets may not survive - the parents will dispose of things in "The Owl Way" -viewer discretion is advised, this is nature and the "Owl way". ✿ ~ ✿ “Animals, like us, are living souls. They are not things. They are not objects. Neither are they human. Yet they mourn. They love. They dance. They suffer. They know the peaks and chasms of being.” ― Gary Kowalski, The Souls of Animals ✿ Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius." ~ E.O. Wilson

Friday, June 7, 2013

Adventures with Mel and Syd

 Supplement food was given to each of the owlets at 9:00pm
Food comas seem to quickly follow.

 Screeches heard followed by a Boom Cam landing 1:45am. Parent flew to the porch for a very quick visit 1:58am checking on the kidz.
Both Adi and Hunter hear the loud screech.
Adelaide came out 1 minute later & entertained us.
Adi walked & flapped on the porch. He flapped up to the roof 2:02am. Parent flew by from greenbelt, over the box & toward the boom cam 2:18am.
Adi sized up the playground eyeing up the 2nd platform. He jumped landing perfectly 2:26am then flapped back to the Porch.

2:35 then up to the roof. Adelaide flap & flap. Seconds later Adi gained vertical lift then went up up up & out of all camera views 2:41am. We noticed an owl flapping in the tree just above the box door 3:48am.  Was this Adi? We think so for Hunter struck up a conversation squawking to him.  You could hear him faintly answering back.
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Hunter alone while Adi is outside

East coasters be sure to set the alarm early for more outdoor adventures from Adi and watch and wait to see if Hunter will join him outside.
Note: In the video look to the top right and you can see Adi flying off to the greebelt

Kanga's koi pond has a visit from an blue heron this Friday morning.