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Monday, December 3, 2012

Rescue plans in place for Bald Eagle Lucy from the Eagles4kids nest

In the past week or so, some had noticed that Lucy’s foot didn't look quite okay. Everyone has been monitoring her as closely as possible and they have been putting rescue plans in place, in case they were needed.

Yesterday Lucy spent about 4 hours resting on the nest. She was generally alert, showed some crop drops and poop shoots, but the cam was able to clearly show that there is definitely something not okay with her right foot and possibly with the left.

 So at this point they have begun the process to attempt to capture and evaluate her. They really need anyone in the area to keep an eye out for her.

 It goes without saying that they hope that things go as planned and that Lucy can be helped and evaluated. It takes a lot of planning and permits to do this type of rescue and all the work is much appreciated by all of us who care so much about all of the eagles.

NOTE: Some of the nest watchers are suggesting that perhaps Lucy's foot looks like she has a case of Ulcerative pododermatitis, also known as bumblefoot
This an inflammation of the balls of the feet of birds and  perhaps, the largest cause of referral of birds of prey to a veterinary surgeon

This eagle nest camera broadcast is part of an ongoing school project and is managed by 3rd and 4th grade students from the SoSET school in Blair, Wisconsin and their teacher.

 This is the third year they are broadcasting the adventures of Bald Eagles Lucy and Larry (and Lucky the squirrel who lives in the bottom of their nest). Aside from learning about eagles themselves Lucy and Larry also help the students learn observations, maths and many other skills in a fun and interesting ways.
The students also provide regular updates, often complete with video, on the project's website.

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