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Monday, November 5, 2012

Deer trail

Barred Owl
You never know what you'll see on the trail located in Central Minnesota.
Deer Trail HERE

About the trail :
In Minnesota you cannot hunt on private land without permission.
They have five acres and the cams are toward the back of their land (see map).
On the other side of their road is another road with houses, many times the deer bed down between the houses. On the other side of the power line is Potlatch, County Land, and Anderson Brothers (Gravel Pit). There is a lot of open land around theirs. Some places give permission to hunt, and the County & State land are open. They also have a lot of lakes around them, so besides in the early spring when they get to hear a lot of Loons towards fall they also sometimes hear duck hunters. They also have Camp Ripley a military base, the north end is about a mile or so away across the Crow Wing River not seen on the map. There is also a train up on hwy 210 about 2 miles away (not on map) that you can hear when it is calm or the wind is right, if you hear it in the fall listen closely for the coyotes, they often howl right along with it.
From time to time you may hear snowmobiles and four wheelers out on the Power line. With all the land around them, you may hear everything from bombs going off to Geese flying from one watering place to the next.
Hope this helps to answer some of the questions you may have about what you heard on the Trail!
If you hear an echo sound it is because you only need to have the sound working for one cam.
They use the same mic for all three cams.
Happy listening !