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Monday, October 22, 2012

Olw-0ween PSA

As a reminder for the upcoming Owl-0ween warnings about using fake spider webs that people stretch across their yards, after one house in San Rafael   CA snagged a live owl last year.

This quarter-pound western screech owl was found alive by a resident , caught in the strands of a fake greenish-white web strung from a tree in a yard.

It could have been worse for this little screech if help wasn't called out and they were able to respond quickly.

While the incident was unusual, there have been other instances of animals snagged by holiday decorations.

The owl appeared to have been stuck in the web for several hours and was dehydrated, but was in otherwise good condition.  The  owl was treated with intravenous fluids and released in the same yard where it was found.
The family there removed the fake spider web material.

As a reminder, be wise and  keep birds and other animals in mind when hanging decorations outside.

After all, how many times have you walked through a spider web yourself and gotten it across your face and said,
'Oh my gosh, I didn't see that?'" 

 Please don't use fake spiderwebs or other decorations made of entangling fibers. Wild animals can easily get trapped and not be able to break the material to free themselves. Avoid decorations with loops or closed circles. A foraging animal can inadvertently put his head through a loop or circle and choke himself. Avoid decorations with small, dangling, edible-looking parts. Make sure all candy wrappers are disposed of properly Don't leave candy out where wildlife may find it.

It's a lot more common than people realize, squirrels have been found with Fourth of July banners wrapped around their tails and deer that have been stuck in Christmas lights.
Please decorate responsibly.