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Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby boy panda - Exam 7

Baby Panda Boy is now 67 day old, his length from head to rump is 16 inches & 6.6lbs. The cub is able to see and hear more of the world surrounding him, and during today’s exam, veterinary staff confirmed that his eyes and ears are fully open

Trips out of the den are Bai Yun’s way of exposing the cub to new experiences, sights, and sounds. Most of the time she keeps him cradled in her arms, but on occasion she sets him down and encourages him to crawl. This is easier to do on a solid surface as opposed to a high nest of bamboo. On one particular day she was especially helpful, laying him on the scale in her bedroom so we could get a weight!

 Responses from the Moderator teams-

Panda Team responds: The light you think you see in the den is actually an infrared illuminator that allows us to see in the dark. It’s really black as pitch in that den right now, and even during daylight hours the den is very dimly lit.

 The Panda Cam will continue to show mother and cub as he grows. Den cam will be replaced with garden room cam.

 Voting on the names will begin later this month. I believe about 7,500 name suggestions were submitted, so we are still narrowing them down!

 I look forward to the days, weeks, and months to come when he will get a name, learn to crawl, and eventually follow Mom out into the bigger exhibits.