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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dyfi project - Ceulan Migrates

Ceulan is some osprey. He made it through the worst summer weather on record including the great storm that devastated mid Wales on June 9/10th, 2012. His two siblings died in the nest due to the weather but, with a little help for half an hour, Ceulan lived to tell the tale. He is a true survivor.

Ceulan fledged at 53 days old and being a single chick, gained his independence quickly. He's named after the nearby river which burst its banks during the great flood, it flows into the Dyfi River where the ospreys fish.
Ceulan has finally gone. He started the biggest journey of his life at 09:26 on Monday, September 3rd 2012.
Nora his mother had left for her migration weeks before leaving dad Monty behind to still bring Ceulan his mullets. As Ceulan makes his journey alone, the next five weeks of his life he will somehow need to get to west Africa, 3,500 miles away - his longest journey so far!
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Ceulan's rescue