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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wildlife Care of Ventura County - Albino Raccoon

This little guy came from Wesminster in Orange county thru a pest control company.The mother was relocating all the babies and this little guy was left behind.
This little fellow actually has color pigment in some of his fur.
Has the mask and stripes on the tail

There is no trapping and relocating of wildlife, if you PAY a pest control co. to come to your house or call animal control to trap and remove a healthy wild animal he or she by law has to release that animal in the same area or kill it.
Wildlife Rehabilitators are not taking healthy animals.
So please save some money and some lives and call a rehabilitator first to get information on how to get the animals to move out on their own.

The animals deserve at least that much. Please pass this info on!