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Monday, April 30, 2012

Flit the Bucket Wren

Our very own Moderator smy_131 has her first online stream of "Flit" her bucket Carolina Wren

She had just lost her beloved tom cat to renal failure a few weeks ago, he was 12 years old and loved him dearly.
Her heart has been in agony over his loss (tears now just thinking about her loss)
She feels like this is her blessing for loving him like she did and still does.
She would NEVER have been able to have these little wrens if he were still here.
His name- Newman , and he would have had them as tasty little treats.
So everytime Smy see's "her" wrens, she can remember how much she loved Newman!

Her story how she found the nest-

One day she was going to clean off the nasty filthy table on the carport and as she went to grab this bucket she noticed that it had a bunch of  "stuff" in it, so she peeped inside, and there was an itty bitty speckeled eggie. She almost threw the bucket out, along with its contents, then she thought,
"I wonder if this is the beginning of something instead of an abandoned nest."

 So she left it there with the other bucket on top of it - an empty ice cream bucket (that's the way they were originally arranged.)
 Well, the next day, she checked on her abandonded eggie but now there were two!!!!
 and the next day three and so on.. till we got to five eggies!
 Flit let the five eggies be by themselves for about two days, then started to incubate
 that began Friday or Saturday - just a couple days ago.
 Hatch watch begins May 12 ,only a 13 day incubation period.
Won't you join her on her channel -