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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gummy Owls

Green Forest Nutrition has created a gummy treat to aid in weight loss it claims to be safe for the whole family. The gummy, made to look like owls, claims to help individuals lose 1 pound per week “healthfully”. According to their press release, ‘Gummy Owls’ are made with a highly concentrated fiber (konjac mannan) which they claim is clinically proven to safely reduce fat in children and adults ages 12 and up.

‘Gummy Owls’ come in a variety of flavors: cherry, lemon and strawberry. The ‘Gummy Owls’ makers suggest you take at least 3 ‘Gummy Owls’ 30 minutes before each meal to achieve maximum results. The Owls are supposed to make you feel fuller and satisfied between each meal.

The makers claim the weight loss treats are 100% natural.

The developer of the treats, Dr. Lee Zhong, M.D, Ph.D., said the following a press release, “Working together as a family to manage weight can be the push parents and children need to actually do it. And Gummy Owls help the whole family: Those who are overweight can lose their extra fat, and those who are already fit won’t struggle to maintain their weight.”

The weight loss gummies come in packs of 180 and sell for approximately $29.99 per pack with mult-pack discounts.