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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A New life - The story of Bruce

Many have been following the story of Toto, a very sad partially paralyzed dog, who has endured a horrific life on the streets of Romania. But Toto’s life has now drastically changed! Yesterday the little dog arrived in America and will be on his way to his forever home in Portland very soon.  For those who don’t know Toto’s story, he was a sweet Romanian street dog that was hit by a car.  He was unwanted, and kids even threw stones at him. (kids can be so cruel) However, a local man with a kind heart fed him and set up a box to give him shelter.

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. was contacted to help Toto, and with the help of many generous donors, he was given medical attention for several weeks by a local veterinarian. Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit charity based in the US that provides funds to veterinarians in Romania to do free spay and neuter for the local street dogs and for people that cannot afford sterilization for their pets.  Word got out about Toto on the Internet and a donor in the US fell in love with him instantly, asking to adopt the sad dog.  It was through generous donations of animal lovers around the world that made it possible for Toto to fly to the US yesterday.  He arrived in great shape and wasn’t even tired after the extremely long journey across the Atlantic.

Immediately upon being picked up, Nancy Janes, Founder of Romania Animal Rescue, Inc., and a volunteer took Toto to have a bath (because after all, everyone wants to wash off that plane smell after an international flight!) and to a local veterinarian to check him out after the long travel.  He is doing great!

Toto, who has been renamed Bruce by his new guardians, will be driven up to Portland in a couple of days to his new forever home. He is no longer the “saddest dog,” but is a happy little guy that will be loved for the rest of his life by an amazing family.

Merry Christmas Bruce and welcome to your new home!