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Monday, September 12, 2011

Another saved..

SNOHOMISH, Wash. - A state trooper came to the rescue of a barn owl that was hit by a truck Friday morning near Snohomish.

The incident began when the owl swooped in front of a box truck as it was heading along Highway 2. The owl smacked into the windshield and somehow got itself stuck behind the cab of the truck.

The truck driver pulled over to the side of the highway, and was spotted there by State Patrol Sgt. Greg Erwin.

Erwin stopped to see what was the matter and found himself confronted with a problem that he doesn't face every day. But the resourceful trooper was able to rescue the owl and get it into a cardboard box and bring it to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center in Arlington.

Once at the care center, the owl flew out of the box and swooped around the room. An exam determined that the owl is probably a female, and that she doesn't have any broken bones.

However, the owl did have blood in its mouth and was slow to respond to light tests to its eyes, indicating that it has a head injury - but is now responding well.

The care center plans to keep the owl for two weeks to allow it recuperate, and then it will be released.
Way to go Trooper Erwin, another hero!